Professional Certificate in Strategic Public Administration

Day 1

09:00 Registration and Refreshments
09:45 Chair and Delegate's Introductions
Chair's look ahead to the week
Delegates' introductions, objectives and organisational challenges
10:15 Public Policy and Governance
The political context shaping public administration
Centralisation/Decentralisation. Potential risks and problems.
International Government organisations
Policy implications - Traditional vs Open Policy
11:15 Morning coffee
11:30 Global Governance and Public Administration
Types of Governance
Principles of Governance
Governance Issues
Measuring progress
Citizen Empowerment
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Integrity, Transparency and Accountability
Standards of Behaviour
Integrity concepts and pressures
Trust in Governments
Core values and ethical standards
Information Rights
15:00 Afternoon tea
15:15 Integrity, Transparency and Accountability continued
16:30 Close

Day 2

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Leadership and Strategy in the Delivery of Public Services
Leadership theories and styles
Bureaucracy principles
Organisational culture
Public vs Private
Styles of leadership
11:00 Morning coffee
11:15 Analysis of the strategic environment
The institutional and cultural context of strategic management
Essential of effective strategy for public administration
Tools for analysing the strategic environment
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Strategic Tools for Public Administration
Framework for Public Administration
Environmental scanning
Systems Thinking
Establishing outcomes and measures of success
Scenario planning
Communicating strategy
15:00 Afternoon tea
15:15 Public Sector Financial Management
Why it matters
Financial Accountability
16:15 End of Day wrap up and questions
16:30 Close

Day 3

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Introduction and Delegates' Recap
10:00 Efficiency and Effectiveness
Cost Effectiveness analysis
Cost benefit Analysis
Impact Assessment
Public Sector Auditing
Different Types of Delivery
11:30 Morning coffee
11:45 Managing Organisational Change
Principles of change
Effective Change Management Activities
Communicating change
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Partnerships and Stakeholders
Stakeholder Analysis
Best Practice
15:15 Afternoon tea
15:30 Strategic Project Management in the Public Sector
Success factors
The iron triangle
Project Process
Fallacy and biases
16:30 Close

Day 4

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's introduction and delegate recap
10:00 Risk, Responsibility and Regulation
Risk in Public Administration
Perceptions of risk
Risk Management
Who has responsibility for risk?
Taking a risk-based approach to public administration - regulation.
11:30 Morning coffee
11:45 Using Behavioural Insights to Support Public Administration
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Digital technologies and e-government
15:30 Afternoon tea
15:45 Delegates Exchange of Experience
16:15 End of Day Wrap Up and Questions
16:30 Close

Day 5

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Introduction and Recap
10:00 Evaluating Performance of Public Administration
Who evaluates?
Types of Appraisal
11:15 Morning coffee
11:30 Guidance on Achieving a Chartered Management Institute Professional Qualification
Structuring a written piece of work for assessment: generic overview and principles
Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the assessment criteria
12:15 Final Discussion and Recap
Course recap and discussion
Evaluation forms
Certificate presentation and group photograph
13:00 Formal Close and Lunch